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  • Social media is the largest advertising platform in the world with over 2.8 billion users or 1/3 of the entire world's population. No other medium can compare in size or reach.  Hootsuite
  • Social Media is the only marketing platform that allows you to engage and interact with your consumers. It's a two-way relationship, which can be hugely lucrative. Adweek
  • Social media has the ability to target with a precision that no other medium can offer. TV, Radio, Newsprint, Billboards, and even Google cannot define, nor target customers or prospects as accurately as social media. Wall Street Journal
  • Over 80% of Americans use social media every day. Pew Research Center
  • The social media giant Facebook alone has over 89% penetration of US Internet Users. Pew Research Center
  • Over 90% of advertisers and agencies plan to run advertising on Facebook in 2018. Business Insider
  • Nearly 75% of shoppers/buyers said they were more likely to buy from a business after seeing social media ads. Ninth Decimal Research

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